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How to Incorporate Irish Cheer in Your St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

March may be widely known as a time to watch basketball and enjoy the spring weather, but to us it means two things: green and beer. It is a time to hang with friends, drink a cold brew, and celebrate the great country of Ireland. I-rish it was St. Patrick’s Day already! Here are a few food/drink ideas to make this year:

Try out a new dish in the coming week,

we will provide you with a sneak peak.

Spread that holiday cheer,

here is an idea to enhance your beer.

Beer-Battered Onion Rings


Recipe via Southern Living


Shamrock shakes are definitely sweet,

but this alcoholic spike makes for a nice treat.

Serve this refreshing green shake,

it can even be a substitute for cookies or cake.

 Shamrock Shake All Grown Up


Recipe via Epicurious


Doctor Seuss had it right from the start,

eggs are even better when they look the part.

A little bit of food coloring is all you need,

and green eggs as an appetizer will take the lead.

St. Patrick’s Day Deviled Eggs


Recipe via AllRecipes


At the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold,

once you try these cupcakes you will definitely be sold.

This fun shape is easy to make,

and everyone loves a lad who can bake.

St. Patrick’s Day Green Velvet Cupcake Shamrocks


Recipe via Food Network


You may need something substantial before you drink,

so go ahead and check out this link.

Irish stew is an authentic meal,

and trust us the hype is real.

Irish Stew


Recipe via Food Network


This recipe may seem difficult at first glance,

but this Irish soda bread is so easy you’ll do a dance.

You probably have these ingredients so there’s no need to go to the store.

Once you try it, you’ll want to keep eating more!

Irish Soda Bread


Recipe via Betty Crocker


This dessert may not be as Irish as all of the rest,

but we think it is one of the best.

You may need another little leprechaun helping you.

We recommend washing this down with a cold brew.

Key Lime Cheesecake Squares


Recipe via


Irish coffee is a great way to start the day.

It will keep you up so you don’t waste away.

This extra kick is just the boost you’re looking for,

so grab a glass and give your friends a pour.

Original Irish Coffee


Recipe via Food Network 

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Love is in the (frigid) air! As we inch toward Spring, mid-February is filled with decadent indulgences, commemorating none other than 1500′s romancer himself, Saint Valentin.

Channel your inner cupid, kindle the flames, and procrastinate no more with our Top 10 Valentine’s Day-approved chocolatey treats!

Seattle Chocolates, Friendship Heart Truffle Box, $5.95

Wallet-friendly and best-friend approved!

Mindo Chocolate, Vanilla Rustic Bar, $6.50

Ahh, chocolate and vanilla… a match made in flavor heaven.

 Trader Joe’s, Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting, $3.99

If Cupid were gluten free, all bets on his arrow landing in this Trader Joe’s delight.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes image

 Mast Brothers, $5 28G

Show your love without going the distance. This dark chocolate cacao blend is sourced from Madagascar, Tanzania, Peru, AND Venezuela!

Vosges Chocolate, Exotic Truffle Collection, 9 Pieces, $30

Because it’s always a good idea to splurge on anything truffle-related.

Godiva 6 pc. Cherry Cordials, $10

Godiva is synonymous with gourmet. Bon appétit!

Theo Chocolate, Aphrodisiac, $17.60

It’s all in the name! Did we mention Theo is fair trade certified and organic? #winning

 See’s Candies, Strawberry Truffles, $7.15

Seize the love while it lasts! These truffles are limited-edition.

 Lindt Chocolate, Hello XO Tin, $16

SAD (Singles Awareness Day) celebrators rejoice. Here’s a non-heart-shaped V-day find, perfect for your closest pals.


 Fine & Raw Chocolate, 8 Piece Truffle Set – Chipotle, $28

For adventurous lovers and friends, a hint of chipotle for an extraordinarily unique chocolate experience.

How to Save Money on Groceries: Don’t Put All Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

The new year means keeping your resolutions and starting 2016 with money in your bank account.  We know it’s not always easy to save money on groceries, but if you follow these simple tips, you will have a little extra money saved at the end of the month.

Plan your meals out before you go to the grocery store.

We all know that if you go to the grocery store with a few items in mind you will end up buying more than those few items.  Be prepared!  Start each week with an idea about what meals you will make and what ingredients you need in order to make them.  If you plan out what groceries you are going to purchase, there will be no surprises.


Don’t be afraid to go the frozen route.

There are a lot of foods that are organic, healthy, and delicious frozen.  Below are two frozen food options we love at Trader Joe’s. Try buying frozen fruit and making a smoothie or turkey meatballs to warm up for dinner.  These products are both easy to make and easy on your bank account!


Don’t buy prepared fruit…prepare it yourself!

The number one easiest way to overspend at the grocery store is to buy prepared fruit.  You will spend half the money if you buy a whole watermelon and slice it yourself than you would if you bought pre cut melon.  We know it’s tempting but this easy switch will save you a lot of money in the long run.


Experiment until you find a reasonably priced wine that you actually prefer.

Don’t settle for cheap wine that you don’t enjoy!  There is also no need to treat yourself to expensive wine that you cannot afford.  Try some wines out, ask questions, take pictures of labels you have tried and liked. We recommend Whispering Angel Rose.  It is delicious and costs less than $20.


Cook meals that make great leftovers.

If you know certain dishes get soggy the next day and are not edible, try to avoid cooking those dishes.  When you make pasta, heat the sauce separately so the noodles stay fresh the next day.  Don’t mix the entire salad with dressing so that you can eat it again.  Leftovers are not the enemy!


Stop buying water bottles.

Put your money towards a Brita water filter rather than buying water bottles every week or month. Ultimately, it will save you a lot of money, and it’s good for the environment!  If you really can’t stop buying water bottles, order them off Amazon Pantry, and find the 24 pack of waters for $5.


Holiday Foodie Gift Guide

With the holiday season in full swing, there’s only more cooking and feasting to be done! While we’ve been so preoccupied with stuffing our bellies, holiday gifting has been placed on the backburner. Of course, the season would not be as joyous without the addition of presents. So, we’ve rounded up the top 15 holiday gifts and stocking stuffers for the ultimate foodie, from cookbooks and designer candy bars, to portable coffee makers and gourmet pancake mix. Gifts so good, you’ll be tempted to splurge for yourself!

Orange Is The New Black Cookbook

$16.88 on Amazon

Bringing Netflix & Chill to the comfort of your own kitchen, the Orange Is The New Black Cookbook includes delicious recipes named after your favorite characters: Miss Claudette’s Coconut Cake and Prison Punch, to name a few.

RawSpiceBar Monthly Spice Box

$6 per month, directly to your door from RawSpiceBar

For the spice lover, RawSpiceBar’s Monthly Spice Box subscription includes 3 freshly ground flavor kits with a regional theme, recipes, and spice stories! Holiday cooking just got a little spicier.


Try the World

$39 for one gift box from Try the World’s site

Speaking of subscriptions, this one gifts a delicious and curated culinary experience from around the world. The Try the World box includes 7-8 delicacies from a new country every two months!

Minipresso GR

$53 from Wacaco

This compact ground coffee maker is perfect for the on-the-go coffee fiend.


No Kid Hungry

$12.95 at Williams-Sonoma

Get in the spirit of giving with these limited-edition spatulas benefitting Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign.

Compartés Premium Chocolate Bars

Starting at $9.95 at Compartes

Organic chocolate bars with an artistic punch. Diverse flavors include: Cereal Bowl, Healthy Kale Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut Toast, Tortilla Chips & Cayenne, and many, many more.

Absolutely Chocolate Cookbook

$24.34 on Amazon

From the Editors of Fine Cooking, another gift idea for the chocolate addict: a cookbook featuring 125 recipes “from layer cakes, tarts, and pies to muffins, cookies, and brownies to candies, sauces, and hot cocoa.” What’s more? The Absolutely Chocolate Cookbook gives tips and tricks for scouting out the best in chocolate.


Foodie Dice

$24 at Uncommon Goods

Fresh out of dinner ideas? Here’s your new source for creativity in the kitchen. Foodie Dice include over 186,000 possible combinations of protein options, cooking methods, grain/carb selections, seasonal veggies, herb choices, and bonus ingredients.

Fixie Pizza Cutter

$24 at Uncommon Goods

For the avid biker in your life, a cyclists’ preferred way to enjoy pizza.

RackPack Convertible Wine Rack

$24.99 at Uncommon Goods

For the wine connoisseur, a compact and portable wine rack is a great gift. Who needs a wine cellar with RackPack’s ultimate holiday steal?

Breakfast in Bed Pancake Mix

Set of 3, $25 at Uncommon Goods

Ahh, breakfast in bed. Paired with the coziness of wintertime and the ease of this pancake mix set, there’s no place like bed for the holidays! Try these all-natural ingredients: Vanilla, Strawberry Shortcake, and Banana Pudding.

Picnic Cheese Board

$16.99 at Target

The perfect addition to the RackPack Convertible Wine Rack, this compact cheese board from Target boasts affordability and style.

Food-Flavored Lip Balm

Starting at $6 at Stewart & Claire

There’s no way around it: winter means chapped lips. For your foodie friend, Stewart & Claire’s all-organic, Food-Flavored Lip Balm saves the day (and the case of the munchies)! Try their limited edition Chocolate Lip Balm or Winter flavors.

Bracelet Flask

$35 at Areaware

For the cocktail-loving trendsetter: sleek bangles that double as flasks.

Compact Triple-Bladed Rotary Peeler

$13 at Joseph Joseph

Compactness is key to an organized kitchen. Joseph Joseph’s Compact Triple-Bladed Rotary Peeler helps spruce up any dish with dainty shavings. Think: chocolate or orange zest for the ultimate holiday dessert!

Battle of the Thanksgiving Feast: What Your Favorite Dish Says About You

Roasted Tender Turkey

Some Thanksgiving goers show up to dinner with only one thing in mind: the main course. If you appreciate a delicious piece of turkey, you are definitely traditional and down-to-earth.  You are the friend that everyone goes to for advice because you always have your priorities straight.  The entire family can count on you to show up to Thanksgiving dinner on time this year!

Food Network's All-American Bird
Food Network’s All-American Bird

Deep Fried and Deeply Tasty Turkey

We’ve all heard of the new holiday trend: frying your turkey.  If this is the dish for you, you are definitely creative and open-minded.  The fried turkey appeals to you because you’re not afraid of expanding your horizons and switching things up.  Everyone at the table wants to sit next to you because you’re a great listener and totally non-judgemental.

Leite's Culinaria Deep Fried Turkey
Leite’s Culinaria Deep Fried Turkey

Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Do you take comfort in eating the always yummy mashed potatoes at family gatherings?  If you are the type of diner who looks forward to eating this dish, you are a sensitive soul.  You’re completely in touch with your emotions and definitely empathetic of other people’s feelings.  If you’re bringing a dessert to dinner this year, you will definitely consider everyone’s allergies and food preferences.

EyeWire's Mashed Potatoes
EyeWire’s Mashed Potatoes

Steaming Plate of Stuffing

If you’re stuffing your face with stuffing this Thanksgiving, you probably try a little bit of everything at dinner.  There is no adventure too daring for you and nothing you won’t try…twice.  You are an eclectic person with a lot of hobbies.  Everyone at the table loves hearing your stories because you lead a very full life.

Food Network's Oyster Stuffing
Food Network’s Oyster Stuffing

Juicy Cranberry Sauce

Instead of looking forward to the food on your plate, do you look forward to the sauce that accompanies it?  If you love the flavors of cranberry sauce, you are a passionate person.  You never do anything halfway.  When you commit to a job, relationship, or activity you go for it wholeheartedly and passionately.  During this year’s festivities, you will definitely mention the organization you are volunteering with.  Of course you can also be found covering your food in cranberry sauce.

The Nobler Experiment's Cranberry Cocktail
The Nobler Experiment’s Cranberry Cocktail

Buttery Sweet Potato Casserole

There’s nothing like the smell of sugary pecan-topped sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving.  You are kind and thoughtful if this is the dish that excites you.  Everyone loves to be around you because of your warm and caring personality.  You are every bit as sweet as this casserole, so it is no surprise that you enjoy it.  This Thanksgiving you will probably be sure to talk to each and every person at your dinner!

Chowhound's Sweet Potatoes Anna Casserole
Chowhound’s Sweet Potatoes Anna Casserole

Decadent Pumpkin Pie

We could never forget the classic pumpkin craze.  For the people who would rather eat the dessert over the dinner, you inspire.  Pumpkin pie lover, you are a leader and a role model.  You are the family member who always has their ducks in a row and is completely put together.  Skipping Thanksgiving dinner and going straight for the sweets is pretty much the only time you ever lack self control.

Bergen County's Dairy-Free, Low-Fat Pumpkin Pie
Bergen County’s Dairy-Free, Low-Fat Pumpkin Pie

No-Fat November Healthy Lunch Options

It’s that time of year where the holidays are approaching and your annual Thanksgiving feast is right around the corner. With an abundance of food and non-stop family gatherings for the next two months, there’s no better time to take a break from unhealthy foods and start your No-Fat November diet. With these quick, healthy, and easy lunch options, your day will start off on the right foot, and your holiday month will be that much better!

Caprese Salad

The Hills Bar Caprese Salad
The Hills Bar Caprese Salad

With few ingredients, there’s no easier meal to make. Add balsamic, onions, or pesto and give your salad some extra flavor!

Egg White Omelette with Whole Wheat Toast

Mr. Breakfast Body Builder Omelet
Mr. Breakfast Body Builder Omelette

Anything is possible with an omelette. Make yours simple by solely adding cheese, or get creative with your omelette by adding vegetables and protein, including tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, onions, spinach, ham, turkey, and more!

Avocado Toast

  1. Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast with Optional Egg
Avocado Toast with Optional Egg

This seems to be everyone’s favorite. All you need are two ingredients – avocado and toast – and you’re good to go! Use whole wheat toast to make your meal healthier, or add a sunny-side up egg to make your meal that much more tasty and delicious.

Cauliflower Pizza

iFoodreal's Cauliflower Pizza Crust
iFoodreal’s Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz. The buzz around this meal is everywhere! With a healthier option to replace your go-to pizza, this low-carb and low-calorie pie is delicious. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself and see what the buzz is all about.

Fruit Smoothie or Acai Bowl

Kathy Petalsky's Acai Berry Smoothie
Kathy Patalsky’s Acai Berry Smoothie
Daily Burn's Acai Breakfast Bowl
Daily Burn’s Acai Breakfast Bowl

These healthy food options taste even better than they look! Whether homemade or take-out, these two meals take little time to make and will give you enough vitamins to survive the long day ahead of you. Simply add your favorite fruits and toppings to customize your smoothie or acai bowl just the way you like it!

Yogurt Parfait

Amee's Savory Dish Greek Yogurt Parfaits
Amee’s Savory Dish Greek Yogurt Parfaits

If you love fruit and yogurt, there’s also the option to make a yogurt parfait! By using Greek or low-fat yogurt, a variety of fruit, and adding granola, your yogurt parfait is not only inexpensive and easy to assemble, but it is also a great grab-and-go lunch.

No matter what healthy lunch option you choose, whether it be an easy home-cooked meal or a quick take-out meal, there are plenty of lunch choices that are both healthy and delicious. Try one of these meals and start your No-Fat November off right!

31 Throwback Candies for Your Halloween Sweet Tooth

Autumn leaves, pumpkins, and spicy lattes galore… THIS is October! Our favorite month of the fall season would not be complete, of course, without Halloween. The spookiest day of the year calls for trick-or-treating, costumes, movies (Hocus Pocus, anyone?), and best of all: candy!

With the 31st just around the corner, we thought to bring back 31 of the most popular and nostalgic candies of Halloween’s past. Warning: this post will intensify your #SweetTooth to the point of no return. Proceed with caution.

1. Wonka Pixy Stix

Downing sugary goodness one tube at a time, made simple. Wonka gets us.

2. Candy Buttons

So good, they helped Katy Perry bring out her inner “California Gurl” in her 2010 music video.

3. Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles

Jello shots reimagined.

4. Wack-O-Wax Fangs

Your vampire costume just got a whole lot easier. That is, only if you have the willpower to refrain from eating your grill!

5. Mint Juleps

The only minty breath-refresher to be considered a candy. We’ll take it!

6. Wonka Fun Dip

The fuel to trick-or-treating, flavored sugar never tasted so good.

7. Candy Corn

Even the colors scream classic Halloween.

8. Harry Potter Jelly Beans

The earthworm flavor was definitely far off our favorites list.

9. Pop Rocks

A sensational mouth party, one mini explosion at a time.

10. Airheads

Still debating the true identity of the white, mystery flavor.

11. Raisinets

Try them chilled for a delicious chocolate-covered-raisin experience.

12. Candy Necklaces

Forget your pumpkin pail! These necklaces are the ultimate in Halloween candy portability.

13. Bazooka Chewing Gum

The only chant associated with these pink candies: Bazooka zooka bubblegum!

14. Jolly Ranchers

For us, the best Jolly Rancher flavor was always a toss up between green apple and sour watermelon.

15. Red Vines

All fun and games until they stick to your teeth. Bring out the floss!

16. York Peppermint Patties

17. PEZ

Time for a fun fact! The word PEZ was created using the first, middle and last letter in the German word for peppermint: PfeffErminZ.

18. Bubblicious Gum

Neck and neck with Bazooka.

19. Everlasting Gobstoppers

The closest we’ll ever get to visiting Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

20. Wonka Bottle Caps

21. Big League Chew Sour Apple Gum

Not the best idea to chew the whole pack at once…

22. Mini Gummi Hamburgers

Almost as good, and sometimes, even better than the real thing!

23. Caramel Apple Lollipops

October 31st just so happens to be National Caramel/Candy Apple Day.

24. Swedish Fish

IKEA (of Swedish origin) carries these candies that are also available in candy cane form!

25. Lemonheads

26. Payday

Caramel and crunchy peanuts in one bar. What more could we ask for?

27. Razzles

First it’s a candy, then it’s a gum. You know the drill.

28. Rocky Road

29. Wonka SweeTarts

Originally small discs, SweeTarts have branched out to include Giant, Chewy, Gel, and Mini.


If you lined up each piece of MIKE AND IKE candies produced in one year end-to-end, they would reach around the earth 3 times!

31. Laffy Taffy

We always understood the ‘Taffy’ part, but ‘Laffy’ actually refers to the jokes written inside the candy wrappers. Who knew?

Fall Back Into Pumpkin Flavors

Fall is upon us… and there’s no better way to celebrate the change in weather than with a fresh batch of pumpkin infused goodies.  Whether you’re craving something sweet or salty, pumpkin will satisfy all your fall food fantasies.  This season get creative and incorporate the flavor in your next dish!

For the baker who likes to keep things classic:

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Recipe from Bed Bath & Beyond
Recipe from Bed Bath & Beyond

For the sophisticated chef putting a modern spin on everyone’s favorite comfort food:

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Recipe from VegKitchen
Recipe from VegKitchen

For the party thrower keeping it festive:

Pumpkin Martini

Recipe from Long Island Trends
Recipe from Long Island Trends

For the chef cooking on a cozy day:

Pumpkin Soup

Recipe from Pioneer Woman
Recipe from Pioneer Woman

For those looking to splurge on a carb fest:

Pumpkin Pasta

Recipe from Real Food Traveler
Recipe from Real Food Traveler

For the cook with eclectic taste buds:

Pumpkin Hummus

Recipe from The Heritage Cook
Recipe from The Heritage Cook

For the breakfast lover:

Pumpkin Quiche

Recipe from Closet Cooking
Recipe from Closet Cooking

For the student looking for a caffeine fix:

Pumpkin Spice Coffee


Recipe from Healthy Living How To
Recipe from Healthy Living How To 

Don’t be afraid to give your favorite meals a fall twist! A fall stomach is a full stomach :)

10 Best Things to Serve at a Football Party

We’re in the midst of football season, and it’s the perfect time to host that football party you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s baking a cookie cake in the shape of a football, making jello shots to represent your team’s colors, or even making a stadium out of chips and dip, there are tons of foods and drinks you can make to impress your guests!

Here are some ideas we know your fans will love on game day:

For starters, we all have those guests that come solely for the drinks…

Goal Post Straws,
Goal Post Straws, GetCreativeJuice
Festive Refreshments, Hostest with the Mostest
Festive Refreshments, Hostess with the Mostess

But if they come for the drinks, you know they’re staying for the food…

Potato Skins, Family Foodie
Potato Skins, Family Foodie
Football Sandwiches, Party City
Football Sandwiches, Party City
Football Cheese Plate, Babble
Football Cheese Plate, Babble

And if they stay for the food, you know they’re going to want more. So this is for those extra chocolaty lovers…

Football Cupcakes, The Stir
Football Cupcakes, The Stir
Football Whoopie Pies, The Cake Blog
Football Whoopie Pies, The Cake Blog

Or for those who actually know that the white lines on the field are called “yard lines”…

Championship Chocolate Cupcakes, Cakewalker
Championship Chocolate Cupcakes, Cakewalker
Football Cookie Cake, The Great Cookie
Football Cookie Cake, The Great Cookie

Or for those guests that really… once again… just came for the drinks…

Mini Beer Helmets, Celebrations
Mini Beer Helmets, Celebrations


7 Brain Boosting Snacks for Finals

It’s finals season and you’re probably stuck in the library. But look on the bright side, the weather is picking and we’ve got a couple pointers to help you get through the next week or two. Check out these delicious snack tips below!

1. Dark Chocolate: contains caffeine which will boost energy levels…and you just can’t say no.

2. Popcorn: high in fiber and low in calories! Another great energy boosting snack!

3. Blueberries can enhance cognitive function and even fight off that lingering virus!

4. Been wanting to try the new rage? Avocados are good for lowering blood pressure and stress levels!

5. Boost your immune system with nuts!

6. Tomatoes are a powerful antioxidant!

7.  Looking to get something quick right on campus before you head over to the library? Check out Aladdin’s Eatery and get a smoothie that’s high in antioxidants!